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    Halloween Masks

    Is it Frankenstein's monster? Is it Pennywise? Is it Leatherface?

    With the right Halloween mask, you will be able to trick all your family and friends.

    We've got a great selection of scary masks, horror masks, creepy Halloween masks, masquerade masks and animal masks - anything you can imagine!No fancy dress party is complete without the right mask.

    We've got traditional masks, but if you're looking for something more technical, our latex mask accessories might be what you need.

    Browse our popular themes and costumes for inspiration before choosing the best mask for your upcoming Halloween party.

    We cater to children and adults and we've got a wide range of products to give you the style you're looking for.For your next occasion, create a fantasy world that will send your friends over the edge. You don't need to go scary - we've also got animals and funny Halloween masks that will bring the fun to your event.If you haven't decided what to wear yet, don't worry - once you've picked an awesome mask, consider looking at a costume kit to complete your look.

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    Monster Mask

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    Shark Overhead

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    Fun Place has proudly been serving Dublin for years. With our stores in Stephen's Green Shopping Centre, Stillorgan Village, Blankchardstown, and The Crescent Limerick we've got you covered this Halloween.If you can't make it to Dublin, you can find the best Halloween masks in Ireland online here. Use our quick and easy shopping option to get your mask delivered direct to your door.

    Making a DIY Halloween mask can be tons of fun and can quickly become a family tradition. For example, you can adapt an existing mask, or use materials you've got at home.

    Choose what you want to be! A character, an animal, or something arty?

    Pick your materials carefully - they should be durable and comfortable on your faceF.

    igure out how you want it to sit on your head - a strap, ear loops, a headband, or stringUse materials like coloured cardboard, sequins, buttons, crepe paper, staples, ribbons - the only limit is your imagination!

    Show your creation to family and friends!If you're still searching and the Halloween party is coming up fast, check out our range for a quick and easy option.

    Halloween Masks

    Buying Halloween masks for Halloween in Ireland is a fun and festive experience, particularly at

    As the Halloween season rolls in, people all over the country transform their faces into a mesmerizing array of spooky masks. From classic witches and vampires to imaginative and contemporary pop culture-inspired Halloween masks, the choices are many. Whether you're a child excitedly planning your trick-or-treat attire or an adult preparing for a Halloween party, the process of selecting the perfect Halloween mask is a time-honored fun tradition that adds an extra layer of spookiness to this amazing tradition that's founding stems from Ireland.