Halloween Makeup

Fancy yourself a makeup artist? You've got the costume, mask, wigs, decorations - all that's missing now is your Halloween makeup!

If you've got a fancy dress party coming up, it might be time to dig out your makeup bag and check whether you've got the right makeup products to transform your look.

There's endless possibilities - doll makeup, glam eye makeup, or just easy Halloween makeup - the only limit is your imagination!

We've got a massive range of products, from face paint, fake blood, red lipstick, pink eyeshadow - we've even got special effects makeup for those of you with a steady hand. We even have several tutorial videos on our blog.

For the makeup lover attending a Halloween party, your makeup look can be as scary or as pretty as you'd like. For inspiration, check out some of our Halloween makeup looks.

Even if you're a makeup novice, our products make it super easy for you to create original Halloween makeup looks that will make an impression this spooky season.

Some of our favourite looks can be really simple - consider a winged eyeliner, bold red lip, bright green hair, a smokey eye and a dash of blue face paint - just add cat ears, and you've got the most unique look ever!

Frequently asked questions

Creating an amazing Halloween look doesn't have to cost a fortune, you need just a few product and some time to practise. Our top tips for applying good Halloween makeup include the following:

- Decide on the look you want to achieve - scary or Halloween beauty? An existing character or a completely new invention?

- Research makeup application tips for your chosen look using YouTube, TikTok and Instagram

- Apply primer to any part of your skin where you'll be applying face or body paint

- If you're applying makeup to your eyes, make sure to apply waterproof lash glue to your top and lower lash line

- Always do a patch test if you've got sensitive skin

- Apply your products according to the instructions

- Use the right brushes, sponges, and even special makeup spatulas to create the desired effect

- Use a setting powder to hold your look in place

- Go impress your friends and family with your new look!

Liquid latex is an incredibly versatile product that is often used in Halloween makeup to create convincing looks.

- First, make sure to use only cosmetic liquid latex to apply to your skin. Mehron liquid latex is a fantastic brand that is safe for body use.

- If you want to create a simple wound for your Halloween look using liquid latex, follow these steps:

- Get a plain and clean tissue

- Rub latex onto the desired area of your skin using a special sponge

- Place the tissue paper gently over the latex and press out any wrinkles

- Tear off excess tissue

- Apply another layer of latex to the tissue

- Let it dry fully (use a hair dryer if you need)

- For the next step, apply some more tissue, and repeat twice more

- Apply normal foundation to the rest of your face

- Apply the foundation to your liquid latex 'wound'

- Texture the 'wound' by using a scissors to carefully cut open the latex and tissue layers

- Apply more makeup or flesh fixtures as desired to create your look - go as gory as you want!